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Tuesday, October 25 2016 @ 06:46 AM PDT

The Ingram Show Replays are coming online

General News

The Ingram Show archives include over 900 one-hour tapes of my talk show.

We're finally getting them digitized and put up here for your entertainment and education. The tapes have languished in my home here in North Vancouver for the past eight to ten years. It has always been my intention to get them put up on my website, and now is the time.

During recent renovations, the tapes were put into storage tubs with seemingly no regard to their order. Richard Pitt, my long-time friend, business partner and the webmaster for this site, has taken on the task of running each of these tapes into one of his computers to capture them as streaming video.

Each tape contains 2 shows, and pulling them apart, editing out the now obsolete commercials, and converting them to a format that you can easily view is a daunting task - taking several hours of machine time for each hour of tape, plus time for editing and creation of the pages they will reside in.

I trust you will agree with me that this is worth it - and will check back to see what new shows come online from day to day as they come randomly out of the tubs.

Authors, Politicians, Celebrities, Business people, Ordinary people, Civic leaders, Citizens helping citizens; you'll find the shows far more in-depth than the typical "talk show" format since for the most part the entire show was dedicated to a given individual or topic. You'll meet the people behind their public personas and get an inside view of why they do what they do and did what they did, be it entering politics, writing cook books, helping stranded climbers and tourists, creating world-class gardens, or whatever.




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